Do you want to make your girl squirt? Here are 5 essential tips to follow

27 Sep 2023, 11:11


When you watch nude pics galleries, you will find that there are some pictures where a girl is squirting. You have seen women in porn movies squirt too. Now, it feels incredible to watch a girl squirt, isn’t it? You tend to feel that when a girl squirts, she is getting an orgasm. 


However, it may not be like that all the time. Squirting and orgasms are two different things. When you watch a live cam girl with a squirting pussy, it doesn’t mean she is having an orgasm. But surely when a girl squirts, it ensures that she is having sexual pleasure. 


Look, for a man, nothing feels better than to see his girl having sexual pleasure from the things he is doing. After watching girls squirt in porn movies, you must be wondering how you can get your girl to squirt as well. The first thing you need to know is that not all girls squirt. 


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There are only a few percentages of girls that can squirt. And, if your girl is one of them, then you can surely make her squirt. But, you have to understand that unless you try to make her squirt, you will not be able to understand whether she is squirter or not. 


So, for that, you have to try and make her squirt. But, you have no idea how to make your girl squirt. If you are trying to do it for the very first time, then you need to that you have the knowledge of making a girl squirt. So, in this article, let’s give you 5 essential tips that you can follow if you want to make your girl squirt.


Preparation is the key


Look, squirting can be messy. And, if your girl doesn’t have clarity of mind, then she will struggle to squirt. You need to get her in the zone so that she can squirt easily. If she keeps thinking about the mess she would create after squirting, it will prevent her from getting in that zone. Therefore, you have to prepare for that mess beforehand. It will ensure that she gets in that zone and squirts freely.


Get your girl aroused completely


One of the main things when it comes to squirting is getting aroused. Most men struggle to get their girls aroused to the point that she would squirt. Look, foreplay plays a very important role in getting your girl aroused. Make sure you give enough time to your foreplay so that she gets aroused to a point when she just can’t stop from squirting. 


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Stimulate her clitoris


Probably the most sensitive spot around the genitalia of your girl is her clitoris. You have to make sure that you play with her clitoris as much as possible. You need to spend time stimulating her clitoris in a way that she cannot stop herself from releasing her juice. You can use your tongue if you want to but you have to use your fingers at least to stimulate her clits and make her squirt.


Don’t forget the G-spot


Another very important area in her genitalia apart from the clitoris is her G-spot. It is so very important that you play with her G-spot. When you stimulate her G-spot, she will be completely aroused. Also, if you can provide her with dual stimulation where you stimulate her G-spot and clitoris together, it will take the pleasure to a whole new level and she will eventually squirt.  


Communicate with her


Just like any other sexual play, if you want to make your partner satisfied, you have to communicate with her. So, when it comes to making your girl squirt, communication also plays a very important role. You need to keep asking her how she feels and what she wants next. Do those things as she says and let her think she is in charge of things. It will surely help in making her squirt.


Final thoughts


Finally, these are five very important tips that you need to follow if you want to make sure girls squirt. You can rest assured if you follow these tips and you will end up making your girl squirt if she is a true squirt and give her sexual pleasure like never before.


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