How to give a woman the highest form of sexual pleasure that she can ever experience

27 Sep 2023, 11:16


When you watch Ebony BBW xxx, you see the girls in those porn videos having the highest form of sexual experience. However, when you try those things with your partner, she doesn’t feel the same way as those girls in Ebony BBW xxx. It will leave you scratching your head.


You want your partner to scream like the way those girls scream at the top of their voice as you fuck your girl. However, when you fuck your partner, forget about screaming, she barely moans. And that might leave you a bit frustrated and you might think all the hard work you did went in vain. 


Now, here is something you need to keep in mind, your girl might not be screaming because she thinks that if she screams, your neighbours will hear her voice and she would feel embarrassed. Yes, a lot of things go around a woman’s head and you have to understand their standpoint as well. 


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But, you want to fuck her in a way that she will struggle to control her emotions and scream your name at the top of her voice. But, every time you try to do that, you fail leaving you unhappy. You want to give your partner the highest form of sexual pleasure and that is a very good thing. 


You have seen superhot and hyper-sexy Abella Danger screaming at the top of her voice whenever she gets fucked. This is something you want to make your partner do as well. For that, here are some tips that might help. By following these suggestions, you will surely be able to make your partner experience the highest form of sexual pleasure that she could ever imagine. 


Prepare the room for the action


First of all, if a woman wants to have the ultimate sexual pleasure, then she needs to have a calm mind. Now, for that, as her partner, you can do certain things. You will not see those things in Ebony BBW xxx. However, it is very important to prepare the room where you will have sex with your partner.


You can have new bed sheets, sexy lights, sensual music, and aromatic incense sticks, these are the four things that you have to take care of if you want to have a great time with your partner in bed and give her maximum pleasure. You will never find this knowledge from porn videos.


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What you see in ebony BBW XXX, is those women are behaving as if they are having the best time of their lives. However, if you prepare the room properly, then you can rest assured you will have the foundation ready to make your girl scream your name at the top of her voice as you give her the most amazing sexual experience of her life. 


Know the erogenous spots in your partner’s body


If you want to give your woman an amazing sexual experience, then you have to make sure that you know her erogenous spots. Look, there are a few common erogenous areas in a woman’s body such as the breasts or even the clitoris and G-spot. However, there are several other such spots.


Also, some women have erogenous zones in their bodies in different places that you don’t even expect. For some women, earlobes are an erogenous part and for some their neck as well as toes can be erogenous too. You have to know where your partner likes to get tickled. 


Rough it up a little bit


By having sex in the same way, you will never give her the kind of pleasure you want to give. As a woman, she inherently wants you to dominate her. So, roughing it up a little bit will surely help you in doing things that will make her hornier. Thus, by being a little bit rougher you will increase your chances of giving your partner so much sexual pleasure that she might scream your name during sex.


Final thoughts


Finally, you should always look to give your partner the best sexual experience. Now, these are some of the things that you have to keep in mind if you want to make your partner happy in bed. You will surely hear her screaming your name as you fuck her hard.


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